what’s WOOFobia

Image by: Greg Murray Photography © gmurrayphoto.com

What is WOOFobia?

There is currently no recognized or established name entry in any dictionary, but nonetheless, there is a defined purpose. In an effort to counter threats that compromise the Human-Canine Bond, WOOFobia™ was born to preserve this fundamental, life-enriching, unwritten basic right of companionship.

The concept of WOOFobia was born to combat the political war waged against certain types or breeds of dog; dogs who are labeled inherently vicious or dangerous solely based on physical traits and appearance, which oftentimes has racial and/or social class prejudice undertones at its root towards their human counterpart. We believe everyone deserves a chance to be a productive member of society, without discrimination or bias, with the companionship of a canine best friend by their side.

We define WOOFobia™ as:

“An irrational fear response towards certain types and/or breeds of dog – whether warranted by a negative experience or not, proceeded by attempts to restrict or prohibit said type by enacting reactionary, counter-productive legislation to solve the issue or concern.”

Laws are regularly written – even if originating with good intent, in a response to protect the safety of the public from potential threats, but often fail to recognize the core problem to resolve the issue. Lawmakers are given the difficult task to come up with solutions to make their communities free of dangers from complex problems, but aren’t given the time, and in many cases, current and credible resources to base their solutions on. Additionally, there are lobby groups that create emotionally fear-based arguments to sway political figures from making rational decisions.

Our ongoing current focus is on laws and policies that affect families and threaten to tear them apart, but our overall passion is the profound effect dogs play in our daily lives – which is, at times, taken for granted. The primary objective to WOOFobia™ is to celebrate, secure and enhance the bond we have with dogs, creating programs and other initiatives which use Art and Ingenuity to Inspire the masses and Create the Change we seek. 

WOOFobia™ is a grassroots, political advocacy [501(c)4 pending] non-profit organization focusing on the importance of the connection between human and canine, which provides resources and support to individuals, organizations, corporations and politicians in an effort to put an end to these threats that disrupt this relationship.

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