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Just Say No!

Our position on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) – or more appropriately called, Breed Discrimination, is clear: We Oppose Any And All Legislation Or Policy Which Single-Out And Prohibits Or Restricts One Or More Types Or Breeds Of Dog. Simply put, do not work.

First and foremost, objecting any prejudicial law – whether targeting a group of people or a kind of dog, is a moral obligation. We must not tolerate that type of mentality in today’s society. And research has shown, when these laws are enacted, oftentimes they have racial or social class undertones to them. In other words, the laws aren’t about the dogs at all, but the people they suspect having them.

Additionally, most modern studies have shown and proved the inaccuracy of identifying dogs by breed using visual identification alone. As well as, the ineffectiveness and burden of cost for enforcing the law; and are based solely on generalities or stereotypes, and not the character or behavior of the individual.

Our campaign to spearhead this initiative is called, “True Love is Not Specific“, which is to promote the vast majority of wonderful family dogs living perfectly normal lives in homes all around the world, but are labeled as the targeted breed or type.

Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent: A Film With A Purpose

In 2008, our sister company, River Fire Films (directed by WOOFobia founder, Jeff Theman), produced a documentary film titled “Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent“, to intimately examine breed discriminatory laws, using Ohio as the backdrop, to discover the truth behind them, and following Lakewood (OH) City Council as they proposed and passed the legislation, using questionable practices. For the film, several credible experts were interviewed in the fields of dog/animal behavior, psychology, dog rescue and welfare, as well as politicians on both of the debate.

The film was originally released in 2013, as a way to help dog rescue organizations nationally, by holding screenings around the country; that rendition is appropriately called – the “Rescue Version”. In 2016, the team came back together to finish what they started, by completely re-editing, enhancing and updating the film to attract distribution and make a bigger impact. The official version is scheduled to be released in 2018 (TBD).

Putting All Dogs On A Level Playing Field

WOOFobia has more projects and programs for this initiative lined up currently in the infancy stages. Check out our blog entries on this subject matter HERE.

We strongly encourage those in political, law and policymaking positions to vehemently denounce these archaic and draconian laws by joining us in saying – “Just Say No!

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