Breed Discrimination

Our entire initiative against breed discrimination – otherwise known as breed specific legislation (BSL), is geared towards the mantra of “Just Say No!”

Objecting prejudicial laws is first and foremost a moral obligation we all must possess, to not discriminate towards anyone or any being – human or animal, based on generalities or other stereotypes, but on the character and behavior of individuals. The campaign WOOFobia is spearheading is called “True Love is Not Specific“, to promote the vast majority of wonderful dogs living perfectly normal lives in homes all around the world, who are labeled “pit bull”.

These faithful canines serve a variety of purposes in our homes and communities, such as K9 Officers, Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, and the millions upon millions of others fulfilling the role of someone’s life companion.

In 2008, River Fire Films (directed by WOOFobia founder, Jeff Theman), embarked (no pun intended) on a journey to discover the truth behind these laws, with production of his documentary film, “Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent“. He and his editor, Bryan Porter, interviewed leading experts in dog behavior, dog rescue and welfare, as well as politicians – who were both part of enacting these laws and efforts to repeal. The story intimately follows the passing of BSL in a Cleveland, Ohio suburb, Lakewood, documenting the questionable tactics used. At the time, Ohio was the only state (at the time) that had statewide laws restricting the ownership of “pit bull” dogs.

Besides legislation, breed discrimination can also be found in a number of policies, such as the Insurance and Housing Industries, where people are automatically disqualified for having a “pit bull” dog.

WOOFobia has several projects and programs lined up designed to challenge all aspects in the movement to put all dogs on a level playing field worldwide and defeat breed discrimination. Please help us by joining our fight to end breed discrimination everywhere: