our Mission

Mission Statement:
To celebrate and secure the Human-Canine Bond for all dogs and their people using the arts as the vehicle to inspire collaboration and unity.

Our Organization:
WOOFobia™ is a grassroots, political, advocacy [501(c)4 pending] non-profit organization focusing on the importance of the Human-Canine bond, providing credible resources and support to individuals, organizations, corporations and politicians in an effort to put all dogs on a level playing field against legislation or policy that disrupts this crucial relationship.

Primary Objective:
To create programs and other initiatives, using the power of the arts, to help secure the Human-Canine Bond for all dogs and their human counterparts. We firmly believe everyone deserves a chance to be a productive member of society – -whether human or canine, without bias or prejudice.


  • 1st Initiative – To put an end to breed discriminatory laws, otherwise formally known as Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), which targets and groups certain types of dogs by looks as inherently vicious or dangerous – namely “pit bull” dogs (but not limited to), often by visual identification alone, which adds additional legal prerequisites that must be complied with to share your home with one of “these” targeted breeds or types of dog.
  • 2nd Initiative – In a partnership with sister company, River Fire Films, WOOFobia provides low income households who have an aging and/or terminally ill family dog, the opportunity to get professional photographs taken before they pass. We believe this is an important piece for healing the loss of a loved one, and the inability to pay for professional photoshoots should not prevent that from happening.

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