our Mission

Mission Statement:
To celebrate and secure the Human-Canine Bond for all dogs and people through promotion of the arts to inspire collaboration and unity.

Our Organization:
WOOFobia™ is a grassroots, political, advocacy [501(c)4 pending] non-profit organization focusing on the importance of the human-canine bond, providing credible resources and support to individuals, organizations, corporations and politicians in an effort to put an end to breed discriminatory laws and policies, and focus the attention on making our communities safer for everyone.

Primary Objective:
To create programs and other initiatives to help secure the Human-Canine Bond for all dogs and their human counterparts, using the power of the arts to be the vehicle for change. We believe everyone deserves a chance to be a productive member of society, without bias or prejudice, with the companionship of a dog by their side.

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