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To sum our organization up in just a few words, WOOFobia was founded on the idea that dogs make our lives better. Period. End of story.

But, too often, they don’t get the recognition they deserve for doing so.

Life can be “ruff” [sic]. It’s easy for our goals to get sidetracked in the daily routine, and overwhelmed in all the obstacles thrown along the way, that life, itself, loses some of its flare. So, we believe its crucial to remind the masses (in creative ways) about the power of dogs, and the reasons why we need to celebrate their involvement in our lives and firmly secure their places with us. In other words, we want to shine a massive dog-shaped spotlight on these important discussions about quality of life and purpose.

A recent 2017 report by Social Progress Imperative did a comprehensive study involving 128 countries around the world, indexing and ranking their standards of living in three groups: Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing, and Opportunity. Ranking high in many categories, such as Access to Advanced Education (1) and Shelter (10), the United States ranks extremely poor in sub-category’s Suicide Rate (82) and Homicide Rate (70), showing real signs of a growing problem with mental health in our country.

As it turns out, dogs have a profound, immeasurable, positive effect on our quality of life – beyond being declared the moniker of  “Man’s Best Friend”. They help their human counterparts in a variety of formal assistive roles, such as service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support dogs. Preliminary research has shown evidence dogs can use their keen sense of smell to provide warning of pending seizures, detect certain cancers, as well as help identify life-threatening food allergies (i.e. peanuts).

Beyond that, there are many, many other significant contributions made by dogs in society that often get devalued or overlooked.

A quick Google search will bring up hundreds upon hundreds of links to news stories and research studies peppered across the internet of the benefits to sharing your life with dogs.

First and foremost, dogs make us healthier. They can force us to get out of the house and become more active with regular walks, which can help those looking to lose weight. And on those walks, they make us more social when interacting or meeting new people…especially amongst other dog-lovers.

It has been scientifically proven that our physical health drastically improves with dogs. The mere petting of a dog can lower ones blood pressure and heart rate, reduce the risk of a heart attack, and/or survive in the event one does occur. On average, people who have dogs live longer. Workplaces that allow well-behaved dogs are oftentimes the most productive and happier employees, which boost overall office morale.

Dogs also serve a variety of roles in maintaining good mental health, as well, oftentimes just by the loyalty, comfort and companionship they selflessly offer.

Below we’ve categorized and archived a list of links to news stories, studies and other research to show the immense value dogs play a part of in our quality of life and well-being, to make life every bit worth living.