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Oftentimes, we take for granted variables which vastly improve our well-being. These fast-paced, stress-filled times certainly don’t help matters any. It’s not necessarily our fault – it’s easy to forget and get wrapped up and overwhelmed in those obstacles along life’s journey. This is why we need random reminders every now and again.

As it turns out, dogs have an immeasurable, profound and positive effect on the impact of our daily lives – beyond the companionship factor of being declared “Man’s Best Friend”, of course. But, yet, they aren’t taken as serious as they possibly should for the value they bring to the Global Health debate, as resources tend to be allocated towards other initiatives.

Dogs help human beings in a variety of formal supportive roles, such as service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support dogs. Beyond that, there are many other significant contributions made by dogs in society – some just by being in their presence.

It has been proven scientifically the mere petting of a dog can lower ones blood pressure and heart rate, reduce the risk of a heart attack, and/or survive in the event one does occur. On average, people who have dogs live longer. Workplaces that allow well-behaved dogs are oftentimes the most productive and happier work environments, which boost overall office morale.

Additionally, preliminary research has shown potential evidence they can use their keen sense of smell to provide warning of pending seizures, detect certain cancers, as well as help identify specific life-threatening food allergies (i.e. peanuts).

Fact. Dogs make us physically healthier. They force us to get out of the house and become more active with walks in the park or along the beach, which can help those looking to lose weight. They also make us more social, as many community events are dog-friendly, and make it easier to interact when meeting new people…especially amongst other dog-lovers.

But, that’s not all. In order to tackle the general concern of Global Health, we must devote equal time on both the physical, as well as the mental aspect of it. And, dogs have been known to play a notable role there, too.

Stories of heroism by these faithful companions

providing comfort and purpose to their human counterparts are peppered throughout the World Wide Web.


They assist law enforcement in K9 work, such as drug, bomb and cadaver sniffing, as well as other community tasks.