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While researching breed specific legislation (BSL) – or more appropriately called breed discrimination, for the documentary film “Guilty Til Proven Innocent” by River Fire Films, filmmaker Jeff Theman started uncovering news story after news story by major media outlets, who reported about courageous family dogs (labeled “pit bull”) performing heroic accomplishments.

From dogs alerting their families of house fire, to stories where they jumped into action defending their owners from intruders or other criminal activity, these individual dogs displayed the truest form of loyalty that seems inherent in all dogs. A database was started to archive these stories during the years the film was in production, stopping at the end of 2013…but since, many, many more of these stories have surfaced.

WOOFobia was born in 2017, with its primary goal to celebrate the Human-Canine Bond, using the creative arts as the vehicle to deliver the message for change, and ensure all dogs are consistently treated fairly and equally. Instead of scouring the internet for articles of dogs who were given their 15 minutes of fame, we want to hear from you about your dog!

  • Do you have a special or unique story about your dog(s)?
  • Does your dog(s) contribute to the public in some way?
  • Has your dog saved your life before?
  • What makes the bond with your dog unique?

This is an ongoing project that includes all breeds and mixes. Please use the contact form below, and allow time for a response. Once you receive a reply, we will ask for several (3-5) clear, high-resolution photographs, with at least one (1) of you and your dog(s).

Thank you for your support!